Spiritual Food

So, the World Vision 40-hour famine is coming again soon. Time to go without food for a day or so, in order to raise funds for important work in other countries. What a great idea.

Then the thought occurred to me: “How much different would our lives be if we only ate one meal every 40 hours?” ‘Ridiculous,’ you may think. And so it would be hard to understand someone doing so in this country of plenty.

But then, how many christians feast less often on the ‘spiritual food’ which sustains our growth in Christ? You know, the food which is God’s work, the food which is prayer, the food which is “doing the will of the one who sent me”. The stuff which is our nourishment in Christ: that which sometimes tastes as good as Brussel Sprouts or Spinach in our diet.

How can we expect to grow strong in faith, when our diet is so irregular, and still consisting solely of light-weight (sometimes fast) food?

When was the last time you sat before the table of feasting spread by Jesus to eat that which he wanted to feed you with?

Check out the state of your ‘spiritual body and mind’. Isn’t it time to ‘end the fast’, and be built up on the food of faith?

June 1, 1997
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