Sweet Tooth

It is a poorly-kept secret (well, itís no secret at all!) that I have a fine appreciation of chocolate. In fact, you could say that I love the stuff. There is no sweeter taste of food in your mouth. Rarely have I been known to knock back the offer of some chocolate (although it has happened!) And I would suggest that I am not on my own in this love. There is something about the taste and texture of chocolate that is hard to find elsewhere. Some would say it is one of lifeís joys. Someone even declared it to be the food of the gods!

Now that I have whet your appetite for sweet things, consider this quote from Psalm 19: ďThey are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.Ē Sounds sweet to taste, eh? The Psalmist is referring to Godís commands.

Now, I know that most people do not often think of the things which God asks of us as sweet and precious. Perhaps we can liken it to doing something to please someone that we love. Bringing them a sense of pleasure brings a sweet sense of joy, even when we have done something that we would not choose of our own volition. Rather we derive pleasure from their response to our actions.

Many of the statements in scripture which give expression to Godís preference may seem less-than-pleasant when considered at face value. Yet to carry them out is to discover something far more precious than anything we have yet to discover, and far sweeter than chocolate!

The psalm continues: By them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward. We have heard much of the warning. Perhaps we need to savour their sweetness to fully appreciate them. And there is only one way to do thatÖ (May we all develop a sweet tooth for God!)

February 23, 1997
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