God in the Darkness

written by Rev Gary Heard

One night whilst on holidays, as I lay on my back gazing at the stars, I was enthralled by the brilliance of their shine, and I began to reflect on their beauty.  I recalled that these stars shining so brilliantly before me now had been invisible only hours before, their light overwhelmed by the rays of the sun.

I have been told that the stars continue on their path across the sky during the day, and are still visible in certain locations and circumstances.  For example, down a deep mine shaft, the stars can be seen at any time of the day or night.  The rays of the sun are not able to diminish the stars' light from this vantage point.

The Psalmist's comment "in the stars His handiwork I see" (19:1), came to mind, and I recognised that it is often not until we reach the real depths, or the places of deepest darkness that the full light of God's character is revealed to us.  In the darkness the more subtle lights appear, as do the sounds of nature which have been pushed out by our focus and reliance on what we see, as well as the numerous activities which contribute to a cacophony of sound which effectively drowns out some of nature's quieter tunes.

To understand the character of God only from the standpoint of the bright spots of life is to gain a distorted view - true, but only in part.  Whilst the deep and dark places may be painful places to abide, it is there that we begin to discover God afresh, noting His presence which the light of day had concealed.  We need to remember these as we return to the brightness of day.

September 4, 1994


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