Making Room for God

written by Rev Gary Heard

IMAGINE yourself charged with the responsibility of leading a large corporation through difficult economic times.  Your competitors are making ground on you, and there seems to be no way ahead to maintain and grow your business.  Decisions are crying out to be made else your whole future will be destroyed.  What do you do?

Moses found himself in a similar situation, trapped against the Red Sea with the Egyptians storming towards the people of Israel.  Decisive leadership was called for, as the people were beginning to panic.  Moses' response?  "Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring... you need only to be still" (Ex 14:13-14).  In an activist society like ours, Moses would be howled down for his lack of leadership and credibility.

We can so easily adopt such an attitude in our own families.  We learn to rely on our own education, training and resources.  We do not easily make room for God; we are at times reluctant to be so simplistic in our response, lest someone think we are not intellectual enough.  "Stand still and see....", "wait upon the LORD", "Trust God" - all common statements in Scripture, but hard for us to put into action - by not acting on our own initiative.

There is a balance to be found - not acting can be a cop-out, but so too can acting instead of waiting.  The pendulum has swung too far towards activism, and we need to re-discover the waiting heart, which waits on God for His guidance, to know God's ability to act beyond anything we could do.

November 20, 1994

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