God is in the habit of messing up lives

written by Rev Gary Heard

Consider Paul, marching up the Damascus Road on another mission to demonstrate his zeal for the law of God.  His teaching credentials well-known.  His passion for Israel and for living the law of God renowned.  His life headed towards a prominent teaching spot in Jerusalem.  When God laid His hand upon Paul, his life was turned upside-down.  He found himself rejected by his own people, and held in suspicion by the church.  His chances of being a respected teacher in Israel were shot.  God messed up his life plans.

Moses was enjoying working on a farm looking after sheep.  It was a welcome change after the hectic life in Egypt.  All of the pressures of politics had been too much.  He was set to live out the remainder of his days in the desert - until God came along and messed his life up.

Amos was a herdsman and a keeper of sycamore trees, minding his own business in Judah - until God came along and messed it up, by calling him to go and prophesy to the northern tribes of Israel.

To these names we might add Jonah, Jeremiah, Simon Peter, and Matthew: just to begin, and detail the ways in which each of them had their life plans messed up by God.

God IS in the business of rebuilding broken lives, but that often means messing up the life plans of the person, and remoulding it in the way that He sees, to bring out the fullness of His life.

It makes me stop and wonder: 'How much am I holding on to my order, instead of letting God create His?'  God does not only turn our lives upside down when we become christians, it is a part of His ways for us.  And I don't think that with the benefit of hindsight any would have it another way.

April 28, 1996
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