Where is God?

written by Rev Gary Heard

It is often referred to as the Doctrine of Common Grace - the recognition of the presence of God in the whole of creation, and therefore in every-day life, whether or not the person concerned has faith. It is the doctrine which breaks down the barrier between the secular and the sacred - echoed in the Psalmist's words "Where can I flee from your presence?"

Too readily we cut ourselves off from an expectation of an encounter with God. In the midst of the work day, or engaged in chores around the home, we are unconcerned with and unaware of God's nearness to us at all times. The truth which Paul spoke in his sermon recorded in Acts 17 "For God is not far from any one of us", is often alien to our experience.

More often than not, it is the product of ignorance. We make no conscience effort to discern the presence or voice of God as we go about life. We have reconstructed the barrier between secular and sacred, limiting God to the 'religious times of life'.

As I go about many chores during the day, whether it be driving, working in the garden, or sharing with the family, I endeavour to make room for the presence of God, listening for His promptings, cherishing His creation, offering my thoughts, concerns and encounters with others to Him in prayer.

God is present in all that we do. We need to teach ourselves to listen for Him, look for Him, and share with Him in the whole of life. For God even joins us in the washing of the dishes!

November 29, 1998


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