God is still at work

written by Rev Gary Heard

I have been working my way through Exodus over the last couple of months during my daily devotions.  As I read, questions keep recurring in my mind - how could Pharaoh continually ignore the great things that God was doing?  How could the Israelites so quickly turn and complain the minute something doesn't go as expected?  Having seen all of those miraculous events, they still grumble and complain at the slightest test of faith.  Then I remember that the disciples faced the same struggle.  How often they were rebuked for not having learnt the lesson when the heat of the moment appears.  "Why have you so little faith?" Jesus asks them.

What is so disturbing is that it is so easy for us to fall into the same response.  God has no doubt performed many fantastic things in the past for many of us.  And yet when the present situation becomes slightly difficult in a new way, it is so easy to lack in trust.

As we enter the final term for the year, let us check our expectations and attitudes.  We need to remind ourselves that God has been at work in our lives, and continues to be so!  In the events which are ahead for us individually and as a church, God is preparing the way, and does want to bring blessing and growth.

There are many things which cause us to think that God really doesn't want to be involved in our struggles and dreams.  The evidence of the past is that He has been involved, the promise of the scripture is that He will continue to be.  Let us pray and work with that hope and expectation.

October 3, 1993

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