A Prayer for Beslan
(September 7, 2004)

Our God, today we are angry and shocked as we pray for the people of Beslan.
We remember the innocents who have died; and those who have killed them;
We remember the grieving families, as they bury their loved ones;
We sense the agony and despair of a community afflicted by the terror of violence;
Comfort them, we pray, and draw them closer to your own wounded heart.
As they drink this cup of bitterness, strengthen their bonds of community;
Be with them, O Lord, in their tears and their fears,
That in their lostness and despair, the seeds of hope might be found once more.

We pray for justice and peace in a world divided:
Justice and peace between families and in homes
Justice and peace between nations and tribes
Justice and peace between different faith traditions
Justice and peace between rich and poor.

We pray these things for the sake of the world’s children
For the sake of the world’s families
For the sake of the world’s environment
For the sake of the world’s future
And for our own sake – that we might live according to the dictates of our prayer, and be a sign of hope.


Gary Heard
September 7, 2004

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