Windows 95

HOW many of us have escaped the "Windows 95" hype?  Who can honestly say that they have not heard of or have know idea of what Windows 95 is?  Its arrival has been heralded for nearly two years, a marketing hype that has rarely been seen.  And what is it all for?  It supposedly makes a computer easier to use and a more effective use of time.  Amazingly, there were crowds at a number of stores at midnight on August 24th, hoping to grab an early copy of this computer "masterpiece".

Computers are an amazing reflection of the way that we think, or at least are conditioned to think: developers talk of saving more time by updating to a new system.  And how much time?  Usually they are talking of nano-seconds (ie thousandths of a second)!  Yet it as an exercise in understanding human nature to know that many people trade up to the latest technology to be that "little bit quicker" (and yet many of them primarily use their computer to play games!)  We want to save those thousandths of a second in order to waste hours.....

Perspective is an important gift.  Being able to keep a proper balance about the important things in life.  It is important because it is so hard to find, and so difficult to maintain.  It doesn't take a computer to distract us from the important things of life: television, hobbies, obsessions of one kind or other can all keep us from maintaining proper and growing relationships with family and friends.  Things easily oust people, the quest for bigger and better overwhelms the deeper questions of life.

Windows 95 advertising introduces you to "a computing revolution" with the theme "Start here".  We could well place the same slogan across the stories of Jesus.  Now there is a real revolution!

August 27, 1995
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