ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget

Twice during this century, our nation has been called to take part in wars which have spanned the globe.  Young men answered the call to take up arms to defend our nation and our world from those motivated by greed and power, who sought a world which they could dominate.. These people took up arms in the cause of justice, to fight a war in defence of their country and beliefs. Today we pause for ANZAC Day and remember those who gave their lives in defence of this country. In doing so we remember the sacrifice paid by them and their families, and are challenged to face those same issues in our day. We too are challenged to stand up and fight against those things which undermine the values of the Kingdom of God - injustice, poverty, oppression, and seek to build a better society based on the values of the Kingdom.  Let us remember the contribution of the ANZACS, and renew our commitment to establish the kingly reign of God today.


April 25, 1993
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