About five years ago I ventured out onto a windsurfer for the first time. It resembled an old slapstick comedy as I stood up for a brief moment before collapsing into the water - over and over (stubborn?). Looking like a drowned rat, I finally was able to balance on the board and hold onto the sail at the same time. But there was one problem - lack of wind. I'm not sure which was more comical - me climbing onto and falling off the windsurfer, or standing like a statue, going nowhere.

The New Testament often uses the image of a boat for the church.

The above story reminds me that a boat is meant to go somewhere, not bob up and down on the one spot. Ancient boats made progress in one of two ways - a team of oarsman rowing together, or by the winds moving it along. These two priorities are evident for the church: in the prayer of Jesus "that we may be one", and in the necessity of the Spirit to "blow" and empower us to do His work.

These two priorities remain ever the same for God's people. Are these our prayer also?

November 3, 1996
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