Unclaimed Millions

Every so often an advertisement appears in the newspaper detailing millions of dollars in Tattslotto prizes which have not been claimed. Earlier this year the story emerged of a lady who had left her ticket on top of the VCR for three years, not knowing that it was worth more than $1.5 million dollars. How many more winning tickets have been consigned to the scrap heap by people unaware of their value?

How can people be so careless with things of value?

Having posed that question, let us reflect on the riches that are available to all in Christ. Many people go looking for meaning and purpose in life, when God offers them so freely. The forgiveness and hope which are God’s gift, are often overlooked as we embark on a more “exciting” search, based in our own resources. We want to feel that we have “earned” our self-respect, our dignity, our status, and so ignore the gift which God has made available to us all.

Indeed, we are more careless with valuable things than we might imagine.

October 27, 1996
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