A Life Which Speaks

Two funerals this week brought home a powerful reminder to me as I mixed with family and friends after the services.  One more than one occasion, the comment was made to me: I am not a christian, but... and the person went on to share how the life of the person who had just died had spoken powerfully of the love of God.

Workmates, family members, neighbours and friends all knew where Kevin Mauger and Elizabeth Treadwell placed their faith and saw how they lived it out.  They saw a consistency between the message they spoke and the life they lived, and were touched powerfully by that.  These people had seen the most powerful gospel proclamation of all: the proclamation of a life of faith.

It is an important reminder to us all, to seek to live out the faith which we proclaim - not necessarily perfectly, but as we are able, and as we are enabled by God.  The best sermons in the world are made more powerful by the testimony of faith lived out in the ordinary circumstances of life.

March 26, 1995
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