King Canute

An old story relates how King Canute walked down to the sea shore one day and ordered the waves to cease.  The deed has become legendary for its futility.

Whilst we may question what possessed a man to think that such an action might be possible, we recognise that we all face things that we would like to change, but are unable.  We’d like the weather to be good for a special occasion; we are concerned at choices being made by those we love and care for; we are frustrated by the indifference of others.

There’s an old joke about a man asking a local Irishman for directions to Cork, to which the response came, “If I was wanting to get to Cork, I wouldn’t be starting from here.”  In reality, we can only start from where we are.  And when the situation is an intolerable one, we must start by adapting to that, and seeing the possibilities at that point.  If we become fixated on our own position and unable to change, we only increase our pain.

The first step to moving on to new possibilities is to acknowledge the reality of our current position, and then looking at the potential from within. Let’s not forget that no matter how bleak the present, God is always present.

July 30, 1995
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