A New Year Awaits

I don't often make comment about the new year, given that the last issue of THE BULLETIN appears before Christmas. But the arrival of a new year brings with it the notion of a fresh start. When the new diary is opened, its fresh pages beckon into a year of endless possibilities, creating wonder at what may lie ahead. That is three hundred and sixty five days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes, or 31,536,000 seconds of opportunity, and of life to celebrate.

Having said that, we might also need to reflect on the past year. New year's resolutions often look forward without necessarily reflecting on what has been. How good a steward have we been of our time and talents in 1996? How has my relationship with God grown over the past twelve months? What influence have I had on others for the gospel? How has my prayer life grown, and my understanding of God's word and call on my life?

As we say farewell to 1996, and welcome 1997, let us commit our path ahead to God, knowing that He is able to give us a fresh start every day, and open up the future as a gift from Himself. To paraphrase an old quote: God has given the gift of life and time. What we do with that gift is our gift back to God.

It is certainly my prayer that we as a church will have a growing impact upon this community in which we live.

December 22, 1996
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