Christmas Awe

When I was a little boy, I used to stand at the base of our Christmas Tree in awe.  It towered above me, and the flashing lights and pretty ornaments enchanted my young mind.  Christmas was a time with a sense of beauty which was unparalleled for me.  It was like a living fairy tale.

As I grew, I began to discover the truth about Christmas. and its meaning changed for me.  I still enjoyed Christmas morning, but I knew that what I got did not really depend on how good I had been during the year, but came because I was part of a family that loved me.  I discovered that love had nothing to do with bribery, but was freely given.

I am now taller than the Christmas Tree.  I still find it beautiful, but not in the way I did as a youngster.  I discovered that the real arming had little to do with the gloss and glitter, only that it still related to freely-given love.  God came down that first Christmas, to be the victim of human life, just as I am.

Christmas still is a time of unparalleled beauty for me. It is still like a living fairy tale.  But its real meaning hits me with more power now than when I was younger.

Take time in the midst of busy schedules to ponder the astounding truth of Christmas - GOD sent His only Son into the world as a vulnerable, innocent, dependant child.  AMAZING LOVE!!

December 15, 1991
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