Bible Answers?

From a very early age I was taught that the Bible had the answers to life's problems; that there was no situation that I would face that the principles for responding were not revealed to me through God's Word.  Personal issues, job issues, relationship matters; the principles for all of life were spelled out in Scripture and only needed to be lived out. This is a truth that I have learned over and over.

As I grew it became clear that there were problems on a grander scale than I had previously envisaged.  National and international relationships, industrial and political relationships clearly were not giving evidence of harmony and love.  Did the Bible address such issues as these?  Did the Bible really contain all of the answers to all of life's problems?  The answer is a clear and resounding 'yes'.  The prophets preached to nations, calling for repentance - not only Israel, but surrounding nations also.  Jesus told us that nations would be judged (Matt. 25). The law of Moses spelt out social and economic relationships in clear terms.

In this past week we have seen disruption in international economic relationships between the US and the EEC, and disruption in industrial and political relationships in our own State.  These are but the tip of the iceberg.  Does the Bible have answers to these problems? -The answer must be, and is, yes'.  The answers may not be simple, they probably won't give a resounding endorsement to either side, but the answers are there.  We need to pray that God will raise up prophets in our day who will proclaim the word of God into these situations.

November 15, 1992
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