An Uncertain Future
written by Rev Gary Heard

The recent announcement of the title and release date for the last in the Harry Potter series of books has set speculation running. The author’s announcement of the impending death of two main characters has added new intrigue to the many postulations about how loose threads in the series will be drawn together, and whether the dark foe of the wizarding world will meet his end, or the book’s hero will finally succumb. With over five months until the mysteries are revealed, the speculation amongst avid fans will continue, only to be replaced by analysis of the actual outcome against their perceived sense of justice and appropriateness.

Followers of earlier books in the series will have found themselves sitting on the edge of their seats as they endured the moments of tension, uncertainty and peril with the main character of the book. Being left with unanswered questions and uncertain outcomes both exhilarates and frustrates readers. The desire for knowledge and certainty satisfies one part of our being, yet the endless string of possibilities keeps imaginations vivid and creative. Should all be resolved in the last book - and who can know for sure that the series will close with it - the Harry Potter phenomenon will change, and people move on.

Something of that unresolved tension circles us as we grapple with the unanswered and unresolved questions of our property future. The church’s primary income source and configuration for the last twenty years in particular, and for the forty-five years since the original building was demolished, is being re-examined, inviting us to look into an open future. Certain aspects of the outcome are out of our hands. In fact, it involves a step of faith into areas for which few of us have background and preparation.

This step of faith is one we do not take alone. Although the ground beneath us is uncertain, let us hold on to the God who is the ultimate source of our being, and who calls us to trust first and foremost in Him. Whilst the time of waiting and openness is difficult, let us hold on to the One whose purposes are sure (Rom 8:28), and whose future plans offer hope (Jer 29:13)

February 11, 2007
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