Great Wonders
written by Rev Gary Heard

Throughout life one gets to see many wonderful and amazing things. On a recent trip down the Monash freeway we all marveled at the cloud formation. Its beauty was such that it merged the horizon, and gave appearance of a bay of islands.

A flight across the Pacific allowed me to see the sun set in the East, as we descended to land.

I have watched little chickens emerging from their shell, and a baby being born.

I watch in wonder as seeds that I have planted sprout into plants, and ultimately provided food for the table, or colourful flowers.

To see long-term animosity overcome as forgiveness is given and received, and a wonderful relationship grows to first replace the bitter plant, and then fill the void.

I am enthralled by the activity of bees, the appetite of garden worms, and the complexity of even the smallest insect.

I ponder how they get those intricate model ships into the bottle!

I have seen the catacombs in Rome, and the caves filled with skulls people who walked the earth many years before.

I have seen devastating poverty, and unimaginable wealth.

I look into the night sky and wonder at the breadth and depth of creation, pondering what it would be like to travel through space, or time.

There are many wonders in the world, past and present. Many things to entrance or to surprise. Things beyond comprehension, but not experience. Things beyond explanation, but able to be savoured.

But the greatest wonder, the most confusing of all, is myself. I am most familiar, and yet most strange to myself. I make choices which astound, and baffle me. Capable of profound thought and complete inanity. Able to be loved and forgiven by God, yet much less easily by myself. In receipt of wonderful gifts of God, yet acutely aware of my own poverty.

In the image of God? I am.    And so are you.

May 19, 2002
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