On My Knees...

I have spent many hours recently on my knees, searching and examining areas which inhibit growth, which draw away much-needed energy and resources for proper development. You see, I have had chronic problems with criminal carrots - they won't go straight. When carrots are small, and weeds grow amongst them, I have tended to leave well-enough alone, for fear of pulling up the carrots with the weeds. However, some of those weeds send out root systems which interfere with the good growth of carrots. The carrot plant sends its root on detours to avoid the weeds, and the result is - well-known.

And so I recently spent a number of hours in the garden painstakingly removing all the weeds that were growing amongst the now-recognisably distinct carrots. These weeds need to be pulled slowly and gently, lest the carrots be uprooted also, or lest the weed not be completely pulled. I am now more confident of getting some "normal-looking" carrots.

During this time, I have been reflecting on the weeds in my own life: the things which take up time and energy which could usefully be employed elsewhere, the things which stand in the way of true growth.

Isn't it true that the real fruit of our life often grows below the surface - just like the carrot? When we allow ourselves to be grounded amongst the weeds of life, then we do not allow proper development of the fruit of the Spirit. Our call is to nurture an environment where growth can take place - by removing all that is "ungodly" thereby freeing room - time - energy - for God to grow us.
How grows the garden of your soul? Remember that whilst its fruit mostly grows below the surface, it manifests itself at the most unexpected of times.

January 26, 1997
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