Nature's Pace

WHO SPED UP THE RIVER? If time can be depicted as a stream, flowing remorselessly in one direction relentlessly onwards to the sea, and our life consists of a journey heading upstream towards its source, why does its suddenly seem as if someone has placed their foot firmly on the accelerator? Life seems to be gathering speed, as demands and pressures increase with the passing of each new month.

This has certainly been the case in the manse household over recent weeks. There has scarcely been time to sit and catch our collective and individual breaths as an increasing number of events press their way into our schedule. But we are not on our own: it seems a recurring story as I encounter people of all walks of life. The almost unanimous response echoes the heart of Linus in one of Charlie Brown's cartoons. Linus, standing in the middle of a field, lifts his eyes to the heavens and cries, 'Stop the world, I want to get off!"
An important question needs to be asked (and is being asked around our house): does it have to be that way?

Perhaps one of the reasons why the river seems to have sped up is that we are moving faster upstream, and not allowing ourselves to understand the beat and pace of the river itself. When was the last time you simply sat, and watched life go by? (I don't mean watching the television)

There is an increasing need for us to deliberately set aside time to hear the beat of nature in a largely artificially-controlled life environment: taking time to sit and watch the water flow - unhurried, yet purposefully on to its destination. It is simply happy to 'go with the flow' knowing that there is a greater purpose being fulfilled.

When we take that time to sit and watch nature in its own pace, we connect once again with the rhythm and beat of its Creator.

October 25, 1998
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