Who'd be a Leader?

Who'd be a leader?
    * Accused of siding with people who were not the "main movers" in the community.
    * Considered to have oversimplified his message and underestimated the complexity of issues.
    * Failed to understand the traditions and the ethos of the people.
    * Seemed to be insensitive to the feelings of his own followers - even if they were somewhat naive and over-exuberant.
    * Makes extreme demands of his people, yet at the same time seems unconcerned about the gravity of some actions.
    * Alienated those who could have been his most powerful supporters.
    * Seemed to lack a co-ordinated plan of mission.
    * Appeared to create an exclusive band.
    * Dared to do things that leaders just don't do.

        Who'd be a leader?


                        No wonder they crucified him.

December 5, 1993
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