Induction of a Leader

Welcome to all as we gather together for this special service of induction.

Today marks the start of a new era in the history of Mitcham Baptist church. The induction of a new Senior Pastor is the culmination of months of prayer and of searching of the heart of God.  The end result of that time is the belief by the church that God has appointed Ross Prout to be the person to exercise pastoral leadership for Mitcham Baptist Church over the coming years.

This morning we gather to celebrate the fact that God has lead us to this point, and to pray that God will continue to lead us into the future.  We are also to pray that God will use and anoint Ross, together with Gary, to provide leadership which will give Him the freedom to work and move in our midst.

The role of the Senior Pastor is an important one. No matter how godly he might be, the task of being God's people involves a commitment of all of God's people to the task of being obedient to His call.  No godly leader can stand in the stead of a rebellious people to cushion them from the impact of their rebellion.  Moses - the most godly leader in the bible - was not able to prevent the foment and rebellion which lead to the creation of the golden calf, nor its consequences. Being the people of God today also involves working together in partnership under the lordship of Jesus Christ. As we join together this morning to mark the induction of Rev Ross Prout as Senior Pastor, let us also renew our commitment to be the people that God has called us to be.  Let us pray that the voice and character of God might clearly be heard and seen through Ross's leadership.  Let us pray that our pastoral team might lead us in unity and love.  Let us pray that we, as God's people, might have that same commitment and openness to God which we seek from our pastors.

We are all the people of God, each with different gifts and different ministries.  We are at the same time all one in Christ, and all a part of His body by the grace.

May our prayer today, as always, be "Lord, lead us."

July 21, 1991
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