Gold Medals

There have been a lot of gold medals handed out over the past few weeks at the Sydney Olympics for some marvellous performances. People who have run or swum faster, jumped higher, or scored more than any others. Unfortunately these medals do not discriminate between those athletes with millions of dollars of resources behind them over against those whose backgrounds are barely imaginable in our terms, and whose only training resources wouldn’t even match our suburban ovals. But I would like to award some medals…

These are just some of the people who continue without acclaim, not even concerned that this is not recognised. It is the faithful service to Jesus, for which there is an ultimate reward in heaven.

In our society, acclamation is too often given to people who aren’t the real workers. And while we have been celebrating some magnificent feats at the Olympics, we perhaps ought to give some thought to greater feats undertaken quietly each day.

October 1, 2000
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