Lifetime Guarantees?

Lifetime Guarantee is a term that rouses the skeptic in me. Whose lifetime? If it kills me, does it void the guarantee? If the unit ceases to work, has it reached the end of its lifetime? It may well be a great term that offers plenty but delivers nothing.

We are all looking for that lasting quality, be it in relationships, in life’s achievements, or in merchandise. There is something within each of us that yearns for significance beyond the present, something that connects us with life at a deeper level. Even those whose dictum is “live for the moment” recognise there is an inherent dissatisfaction with life’s transience. Is there a possibility of a quality of life that is enduring?

Despair is born of a belief in futility - a recognition that there is no meaning to life or the many achievements which mark our journey along its path. Are we destined to despair? Or is there something beyond the present which can not only be grasped, but built towards?

Jesus certainly believed in eternal life – both in terms of quality and quantity. He spoke of a life which is invested in that which does not rust, nor is eaten by moth. He spoke to the thief beside Him on the cross and indicated ‘today you will be with me in paradise’. A lifetime guarantee – God’s lifetime, not ours.

In a world focussed on the present, we do well to remember Jesus’ invitation to come to Him, to place our lives in His care, to trust in His leadership of our lives, of our communities, of our values.

Many people mistake Jesus’ lifetime guarantee as a guarantee against suffering, misunderstanding, struggle, and heartache. This is NOT the guarantee of Jesus. It is rather that guarantee that through all that life can bring, He will be with us, and will create something of eternal quality through it all. If only we trust in Him.

What better guarantee can we receive? One that is demonstrated by His own life and death?

Who are you trusting in today?

May 16, 1999
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