When you are going an a long holiday, a great deal of thought goes into packing and preparing, so that the things that you will need are there for the situations you expect to confront. When you are packing to move to another country, the preparation is even more important getting to understand the culture and expectations of citizens of that place. These are things which are an ordinary part of life.

I wonder how much effort you have put into preparation for what happens after this life. Sure, there are a great many things that still have to be considered and dealt with simply to live today. And yet, we are talking of seventy or eighty years. While that may seem a long time, how does it compare with eternity? And if eternity is a difficult concept to grasp, then how does it compare with a thousand years? a million years? Itís not much, is it?

Last Sunday night, our speaker reminded us of the importance of this question. The little man who used to appear in George Street Sydney and ask passers-by the simple question, "Do you know that you are going to live in eternity, either heaven or hell? Do you know which one? Itís serious sir, would you think about it?", raised a very important issue that we all must deal with.

We are entering the Christmas season once again. Familiar and often frustrating territory. Spending time planning for presents, and for Christmas day. Perhaps today you need to reconsider the question which the Lord Jesus offers us a positive answer to. Where will you spend eternity? In heaven with God or in hell,? Eternity starts today. Why not check out again the claims of Jesus. and find the beauty that He offers in all of life. You might be surprised what you discover.

December 13, 1992
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