Developing the Vision

You might be wondering, "What is happening with this vision that we are developing?"  Actually, I was about to ask you the same question!  Is there for you a clarifying sense of what God requires of His church, with particular relevance for us here?  Are you taking time to pray and wait on God for a sense of His leading for the future?  God's vision will take shape in our midst only as we are prepared, individually and corporately, to spend time in prayer, waiting and listening.

After Easter and school holidays are over, we will all be asked to respond in writing to the question: "What do we believe that God is calling us to do and be here as Rosanna Baptist Church?"  This will allow opportunity to express our hopes and dreams for the church, as well as provide an evaluation of the church as it is.  Out of this corporate input, it is hoped that a clear vision will emerge, one which can be both identified and owned by the church as a whole.  A draft will be presented back to the church for further consideration.

Establishing a vision does not necessarily mean a radical new direction.  It may mean an affirmation and refocussing upon things in our past which have faded from sight.  In saying that, however, we need to be careful of an uncritical acceptance of the church's history.  There may be things that have been overlooked, or changes in society which require of us a new approach.  Only as we are prepared to listen to God and respond honestly will we clarify His vision for us.  That requires a level of courage and openness which we find difficult - both as individuals and as a church.

This is a fundamental step in our understanding God's purposes for us as His Church in this area.  Let us patiently, but fervently seek His face.

March 20, 1994

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