'Future Church'

The theme for Rev Dr Ken Manley's year as President of the Baptist Union of Victoria is "Future Church", asking us to picture where the church is heading. The challenge to be faced for us is epitomised in this morning's dedication service: what sort of church will provide an environment where this child can grow in faith and express it in ways which are relevant to her? What sort of church will help her to discover Jesus, and what it means to follow him?

These are not easy questions. As we reflect on the church into which we were born, there are vast differences to the one in which we worship and serve today. But then, so is the faith which we seek to live and express personally. The church has always been 'future church', called forward by the hope that is in Christ Jesus, yet anchored in an historical faith.

Will this child find faith as she grows? Will this church continue to help people find faith as it grows?

November 10, 1996

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