The Master Conductor

I was privileged recently to enjoy musical entertainment from some of the members of the Australian Chamber of Soloists, along with a rather talented school orchestra.  I was intrigued during the evening to watch the conductor first distribute the sheet music to the members of the orchestra, then proceed to conduct them through the performance.

I say 'intrigued' because, even though each member of the orchestra has a copy of the music to be played, where beat and tempo are indicated, there is still need for a conductor to lead them through: each wave of the wand and each move of the hand conveying a message to the musicians. Each musician would keep one eye on the musical score, and the other on the conductor.

It spoke to me, in a unique way, of our relationship with Jesus: how we are informed of the requirements of the kingdom, yet still are called to keep an eye on the Master Conductor to lead us through.  We are called to walk in harmony with the Conductor, and with the remainder of the orchestra.  One cannot live the christian life by following a simple set of rules.  We need to be responsive to the directions of the Master.

We might also reflect on the unique contribution each makes to the message of the kingdom to the ministry of the church: each different, but working in harmony to produce a magnificent symphony of God's love, God's grace, and God's call upon us all. I am reminded of the words of St Francis.... 'Lord, make me an instrument...'

June 7, 1998

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