On a 45th Anniversary

Today we celebrate 45 years of witness since the constitution of Rosanna Baptist Church.  The actual beginnings of the church were s few years before that as the Ivanhoe church investigated the possibilities of beginning a work in this area, and a small group began to meet.  This group would form the nucleus of the new Rosanna Church.  Now some 45 years later, we stand here as a testimony to their faithfulness in the beginning - a faithfulness which has extended to and through many people over that time.

What does an anniversary do?  It reminds of what we have committed ourselves to, and a challenge to continue.  On a wedding anniversary, husband and wife remember their vows to one another and (hopefully) seek to renew and continue to live them out.  As a church, we do the same today.  We seek to acknowledge the commitment to witness to the Lord who called the church into being by those who have gone before us, and dedicate ourselves to the task of continuing that witness - that every person who comes into our midst may know and experience the God we proclaim.

Today we celebrate.  Thank God for His presence in our midst over 45 years.

Today we rededicate ourselves to the ongoing mission of the church.  May it continue until the Lord returns to unite with all who love him.

November 14, 1993

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